What is Time to Think and the Thinking Environment?


The Thinking Environment has emerged from one important observation and one important question.  The observation is simple:


The quality of everything human beings do is dependent on the quality of the thinking we do first.


If this observation is true, it changes our understanding of leadership.  It places right at the top of required expertise in leaders and professionals and parents and teachers the ability to generate people’s finest independent thinking.  Then, on the horizon emerges this question:


How do we help people think for themselves, with rigor, imagination, courage, and grace?


Over the years, Nancy Kline and her colleagues  have confirmed that the most important factor in whether or not people can think for themselves is how they are treated by the people with them while they are thinking.  These behaviors are identified as the “Ten Components of a Thinking Environment.”  They include:


1.      Attention

2.      Equality

3.      Ease

4.      Appreciation

5.      Encouragement

6.      Feelings

7.      Information

8.      Diversity

9.      Incisive Questions

10.    Place


We teach these principles and how to apply them, starting with our basic course, the Time to Think Foundation Program.  Here’s more about it.



The Time to Think Foundation Course:

  • Introduces practical business applications of the Thinking Environment. 

  • Explores the ways everyday work and business communication structures such as meetings, dialogue, discussions, consultations, presentations, facilitation, interviews, resolving conflicts, and working with colleagues can be transformed into clear-thinking, invigorating, positive experiences. 

  • Is an opportunity to experience the power of the Thinking Environment through practical business applications of the Ten Components.

  • Is highly participatory, explores the impact of the Ten Components on ten modes of interaction, and is conducted in a Thinking Environment, insuring respect, independence, ease, and energy.





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