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THE SUNBRIDGE MONEY & SUCCESS CLIENT CONNECTION SYSTEM is a way to increase your new business by 400%, increase referrals from your existing clients by 600%, double your profits, and never be seen as a product peddler again. This system is built on using stories to connect quickly and deeply with prospects and clients.


This process is different from any client engagement process you’ve ever seen before. THE SUNBRIDGE MONEY & SUCCESS CLIENT CONNECTION SYSTEM will teach you exactly what to say and how to say it. Once you learn this system, you’ll love meeting with new prospects because you’ll say just the right thing every time. It’s remarkably simple yet incredibly effective.


THE SUNBRIDGE MONEY & SUCCESS CLIENT CONNECTION SYSTEM uses vintage SunBridge concepts in combination with the latest Legacy Builder technology to build deep and lasting relationships quickly and easily. This system replicates Scott Farnsworth's personal process for engaging estate planning and financial planning prospects through the connective power of The Meaning of Money and The Meaning of Success Priceless Conversations.


In the hands of a wise and caring advisor, THE SUNBRIDGE MONEY & SUCCESS CLIENT CONNECTION SYSTEM turns skeptical prospects into loyal lifelong clients. It’s a clear, simple, step-by-step process for finding what matters most and making it happen.


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